what we do

our profound knowledge and essential experience for your project

  • construction plans

    first hand information for the set designers and all departments to have a visual floor plan of each location

    art direction
  • set dressing & scenery

    guidance and best practise for developing, selecting, and providing the dressing elements of the set

    set decoration
  • art development

    small but beautifl simple things, perfectly executed, so they can seem incidental, like they must have already existed

    graphic props
  • construction graphics

    the pieces that are built into the sets – e.g. a billboard like construction sign in the front of a restricted area

    art direction
  • dressing graphics

    the pieces that decorate the sets - like boards, documents, photos and files in the background of a police station

    set decoration
  • action graphics

    the pieces that actors handle, often seen in close-up – like the animated screen of a mobile phone

    graphic props